I’m Jeff Robinson, owner of Jeff Robinson Remedial Massage Therapy. I am located at 82 Argyle Street in Traralgon. I specialise in treating pain issues in the body and help you to maintain your physical well-being.



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Headaches can be defined as Primary or Secondary. It is important to differentiate between the two for treatment to be effective.

Primary headaches are recurrent and not caused by any underlying disease or structural problems. Migraine is one type of primary headache, and although painful and at times debilitating, migraines are not dangerous.

Secondary headaches are caused by underlying disease such as infection, injury to the head, brain bleed or tumors. These headaches can be harmless or dangerous, certain “red flags” or warnings signs will indicate this.

Hip pain is a common condition which will affect a large portion of the population at some stage in their lives. It can be quite painful and often difficult to locate its source.

Hip pain and low back pain often occur together and both areas can refer pain to each other’s location. Pain associated with the hip can often be felt in the back, groin, buttocks and front of the thigh.

Hip pain can often be the result of soft tissue injury to which it respond very well to massage therapy.

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Talk to me about what your goals for treatment are and we can plan your session together. This makes your session unique and by working together we will achieve a better outcome.


I have been seeing Jeff for 2 years. Jeff has helped me through my recovery after knee surgery and with and ongoing shoulder issue. I would recommend Jeff for anyone needing massage.


I have been going to Jeff for about 10 years. I was one of his first clients. Jeff is a friendly, easy-going person who listens to what you have to say about any problems that you have. I always feel better after my massage and I would certainly recommend Jeff to family and friends.