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Functional Movement and Pain

An interesting comment I heard recently after a treatment was that my client said that they had more movement after their massage. This is interesting as it first looks like this has occurred.  Technically, the only way to improve movement and strength is through stretching and exercise outside of the clinic. The main goal of […]

Medical Imaging

When injured, many of us visit the doctor to understand what is going on and hopefully get a treatment plan or referral. There are generally 4 main types of scans a doctor will prescribe; X-Ray, Ultrasound, CT or MRI. What are each of these for and what do they reveal? Following is a generalised overview […]

Feather. Brick. Truck.

What do these 3 items have to do with massage therapy? Basically, the universe will send you 3 messages with almost everything. Let’s take a headaches for an example. You find that you helped move that lounge over the weekend you started to feel a little tender through the neck and shoulders. That’s the universe […]

Things I will and will not do when you come in for a massage.

There are many kinds of massage therapists around and many different styles of treatments and techniques, clinic setups and personalities. So how do you pick a massage therapist when many list a short essay on the conditions they treat and education they have? And it’s a risk to drop your hard-earned cash on a massage, […]

Why did I become a Massage Therapist?

A question I am asked often is why did I get into massage? My journey wasn’t the stereotypical “I want to help people” answer. I started out studying Naturopathy via distance education. About 12 months into it I couldn’t see myself spending another 3-5  years studying, I wanted something quick and easy, massage therapy appeared […]