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Feather. Brick. Truck.

What do these 3 items have to do with massage therapy? Basically, the universe will send you 3 messages with almost everything. Let’s take a headaches for an example. You find that you helped move that lounge over the weekend you started to feel a little tender through the neck and shoulders. That’s the universe […]

Things I will and will not do when you come in for a massage.

There are many kinds of massage therapists around and many different styles of treatments and techniques, clinic setups and personalities. So how do you pick a massage therapist when many list a short essay on the conditions they treat and education they have? And it’s a risk to drop your hard-earned cash on a massage, […]

Why did I become a Massage Therapist?

A question I am asked often is why did I get into massage? My journey wasn’t the stereotypical “I want to help people” answer. I started out studying Naturopathy via distance education. About 12 months into it I couldn’t see myself spending another 3-5  years studying, I wanted something quick and easy, massage therapy appeared […]