I do not believe in performing the general ‘cookie cutter’ massage sequence when someone comes to me for relaxation or some general body work.

I perform basic moves to test your joints and movement of your muscles all while you lay on the table. Clients have stated that this style of massage gives them ‘what I feel I need’ on the day.

Many of my clients, once they have overcome an injury, move on to receiving therapeutic massage on a monthly to 6 weekly basis. Massage is then part of their health regime to treat any aches, pains or injuries that they may incur between treatments. Moving on to this stage of treatment allows you become more flexible and mobile, allowing you to get much more out of life.

What to expect during your treatment:

  • A brief history of your complaint
  • A basic assessment of how you are moving
  • No getting on or off the table as with a remedial massage treatment
  • Treatment consisting of massage techniques, stretching and some active participation
  • Take home stretches.

The goal of a Therapeutic Massage treatment is to make you feel energised and awake.