Remedial Massage Therapy is used to treat injury and pain stemming from the soft tissue of the body, whether the injury is from sport, overuse injury, chronic postural habits, work related injury, weekend warrior activities or pain such as headaches, migraines or back pain. The goal of treatment is to eliminate pain, restore strength and flexibility and to assist in helping the body perform at its optimum level. This is supported by assessment of the dysfunction, a treatment plan and documented notes.

My treatment process:

  • I will take a detailed history of your complaint and discuss this with you
  • I will perform an assessment based around your goals and to determine your most dysfunctional movement
  • Agree on functional outcomes for treatment
  • Perform a treatment with the aim of restoring your normal function
  • Revisit the original assessment
  • Obtain feedback on the treatment
  • Provide take home tasks
  • Recommend further treatment, if needed

The goal of a Remedial Massage treatment is to reduce pain and to restore full function to your muscles.