Why did I become a Massage Therapist?

A question I am asked often is why did I get into massage?

My journey wasn’t the stereotypical “I want to help people” answer. I started out studying Naturopathy via distance education. About 12 months into it I couldn’t see myself spending another 3-5  years studying, I wanted something quick and easy, massage therapy appeared like a good choice.

It was great, I quickly knew that this is what I wanted to do, I wish I hadn’t started on Naturopathy first. I studied via distance education for about 12 months – distance education is a very slow way to study – until it was suggested by a lecturer that I should find a school near where I live.

I eventually found a school and that was when my passion for massage therapy really took off, until then I really had no idea about massage, other than that I enjoyed it, but learning hands on at a school changed all that.

My favourite region when studying was the neck and the treatment of headaches and how massage could improve how people move. I could now give the “I want to help people” answer, but again, it has changed.

Over the years I knew I couldn’t help everyone and there are issues that I feel others can do better than myself, so I felt I had to narrow down what I treat, I wanted to a focus, a speciality. I already knew what gave the most joy, headaches and keeping people moving. I have since discovered a passion for treating hip/low back pain as well. So now I have developed a clear vision of what I wanted to achieve through my practice.

Nothing keeps me more motivated than seeing people leave my clinic with their headache diminished, walking without a limp, seeing an improvement in how they move or just seeing them smile because they are pain free.

This is why I can’t see my life without massage therapy and why I feel that I will always be a massage therapist.