Feather. Brick. Truck.

What do these 3 items have to do with massage therapy?

Basically, the universe will send you 3 messages with almost everything. Let’s take a headaches for an example.

You find that you helped move that lounge over the weekend you started to feel a little tender through the neck and shoulders. That’s the universe sending you a gentle message with a feather. You should maybe get it looked at before it develops into something more painful.

If you chose to ignore the first “message”, the universe will up the ante and give you a bit more of a nudge. So, maybe now you start to develop some stiffness when turning your neck, for example, to look over your shoulder in the car. That’s the universe using a brick to tell you to get something done.

If you ignore the first 2 warnings the universe will then smack you with a truck; a full-blown headache, pain and limited movement.

If you pick up on the warning earlier enough you can prevent a lot of unnecessary pain and discomfort.